“I was in such pain when I called Michelle due to fibromyalgia, gout, neuropathy that even chiropractic care or a physical therapist could not help. It came down to food and stress in my life and Michelle laid it all on the line for me, and I took to heart what I needed to do to make those changes she had advised me to do. I knew that I had to follow her advice and make these changes and within 3 days of this diet, my pain was decreased. My physical therapist was astounded!

Since starting the program, I have dropped 35 lbs, lowered my triglycerides by 30 pts, and my blood pressure medication has been reduced in half. I have a long way to go since my health problems have been years in the making, but I will continue with Michelle indefinitely because of her wealth of knowledge, compassion, care and concern and because of her passion toward everyone achieving their best health! She can change the world, one person at a time!”

~ Kari S., 51 (San Luis Obispo, CA)


All I can say is wow, where to begin. When I first started the program, I struggled coping with what I would say that every normal male in their early 30’s is faced with, decreased energy levels, slower metabolism, rapid weight gain from being sedentary behind a desk all day, hair loss from stress and anxiety, the whole nine yards.

As a result of a family suggestion, I started working with Michelle to begin the TCD and health coaching program. I had completed regular detoxes in the past, usually the 14-day ones from GNC but nothing as hardcore as TCD where I had to completely give up alcohol (well, beer), for 90 days in order to see real results.  I was serious about making a change.  It was tough, but slowly I was starting to see the results that I craved after making small changes that led to what I would call a complete transformation.  Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy and required me to re-evaluate the way I look at everything but seeing the results that I had hoped for was enough motivation to keep me pushing to the next level.  Since completion of the program, I feel like a completely refreshed person and almost back to the fitness levels from my college years in my early 20’s.”

~ Daniel S., 31 (Charlotte, NC)


“I started the TCD program three months ago and can personally attest to the benefits. I have lost at least 15 pounds and I do not have any need to count calories. I simply follow the dietary guidelines and enjoy feeling satisfied with meals. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my thirties.

The success of the program however is not limited to weight and energy.  I am also enjoying better sleep than before. I cannot stress enough how much this program has improved my overall health and energy.  Michelle is a great health coach and is always able to encourage you from where you are currently with your diet.  It has been worth every penny and I will not hesitate to recommend this program to all my friends and family. If you give this a try, you will not regret it.”

~ Cindy S., 57 (Apex, NC)


  “By working with Michelle I have cleared up my eczema. I now know what foods flair up my eczema and what ingredients I need to stay clear from, including ingredients in my beauty supplies.”

~ Jan F. (San Clemente, CA)


  “Michelle is very knowledgeable at what she does. I felt like I had a nutritionist, friend, mentor, counselor and angel working with me for the past 6 months. I would recommend Michelle with no hesitation! Thank you.”

~ Tonya W. (Anaheim, CA)


“I hired Michelle for three reasons: 1-Lower cholesterol and triglycerides, 2-Increase energy levels, 3- Lose weight. With her guidance and support I lowered my cholesterol by 40 points and triglycerides by 32 points to get all of my lipid numbers within the normal range!

Just by simply rearranging some of my food intake I was able to realize a positive shift in energy levels and I actually dropped slightly below my goal weight and now maintain a weight just a few pounds above my goal.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle. She educated me, answered my plethora of questions, supplied supportive information, and provided the accountability I needed to help me successfully attain my goals. Plus we had quite a few laughs along the way.
I view investing in our health and well-being as an undertaking that will pay dividends for the remainder of our lives and I can’t think of a better person with whom to start that journey than Michelle.”

~ Ken K. (Arroyo Grande, CA)


“Michelle – I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for EVERYTHING that you have done for me. I’m not sure if you were expecting [to do] such hand-holding along the way, but I sincerely appreciate every little thing you have introduced me to, and gently nudged me toward in the last year or so – not just since I signed up with you.

You were generous with your time and suggestions long before you received my check. I guess it just hit me that I feel things are finally starting to fall into place for me (at least a little bit anyway), and I wouldn’t be where I am today, personally, if you weren’t in the picture. I guess I’m mostly talking about my health, but that’s starting to spill out to other areas.

I was a mess in February – feeling like shit, depressed, the whole gamut. I’m feeling better now, and just know that I will continue to improve with time and perseverance. I now have a plan, and a healthy routine, and I don’t feel hopeless anymore.
My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you.”

~ RuthAnn R. (Mission Viejo, CA)


“So, can one conversation really change your life? You bet it can, and Michelle has changed mine. After being seated next to Michelle at a networking lunch, we started talking. It turned out that we could both use some help from each other. I believe people are sent in and out of our lives for a reason.

Three weeks after that seemingly “chance” conversation, I was diagnosed with a recurrence of Breast Cancer. But, because I had already begun working with Michelle, I know that what could have been a very slow and sluggish six months, was, quite honestly, not really that bad. Michelle’s caring nature, wealth of knowledge and willingness to “go above & beyond” was apparent from the first time we spoke.

She really listens to your full story before making an assessment on how to help. Learning about choosing whole foods over processed, cooking with organic foods and seasonings, and incorporating “green drinks” and supplements into my dietary meal plan, has changed the way I think about shopping, preparing and enjoying my meals. Oh, and by the way, I also managed to lose 16 pounds without really trying!

~ Tamara B. (Orcutt, CA)


“As a health coach, Michelle has been instrumental in giving me a deeper understanding of nutrition, has helped me refine my eating habits and has taught me how to care for myself in a more holistic way. Her wealth of knowledge has allowed me to obtain a more comprehensive approach to wellness. As a result, I am more equipped to care for myself, have more energy, sleep better and rarely get sick.

I also have benefited from the newsletters Michelle puts out. Her recipes are not only easy to make but are healthy and taste delicious. I have made almost all the recipes she has posted on her website and have enjoyed every one of them.”

~ Laurie C. (Villa Park, CA)


 “Michelle will always have your best interest in mind. I thought that by exercising several times a week and avoiding fast food that I was doing enough. But, she has helped me to understand that my food and nutrition go much deeper than what I was doing. I did not know how much of an impact my decisions have on my overall well-being. She is a great resource and inspiration to my family as she leads by example!”

~ Veronica K. (Long Beach, CA)


 “As a chronic back pain sufferer, I have tried all of the traditional ways of attempting to heal my back pain: pain killers, anti-inflammatory meds, stretching, back strengthening exercises, weight loss, and steroid shots. Not only have I not experienced any real long term results, I actually feel like my condition has worsened.

Desperate, I began to adopt some major dietary changes that Michelle recommended. It seemed an extreme task to achieve, but surprisingly, it has been easy and sort of a fun challenge.

After about 3 weeks of this regimen my lower chronic back aching disappeared…AND, 10lbs too! I am thrilled to be attacking my health issues in a new and more positive way and am so grateful to Michelle, for sharing her passion and expertise.”

~ Suzanne H. (Salt Lake City, UT)


  “Michelle is an amazing health coach and resource for nutrition and delicious healthy recipes. Her recommendation to eliminate wheat from my diet was a real-life changer and I believe largely responsible for me losing 17 lbs.”

~ Craig K. (Long Beach, CA)