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Make Immune Systems
Strong Again

Covid-19 has been the number one health concern for over a year. What have we learned about this potentially deadly disease that we may have control over?

Well, scroll down to discover what we know so far…

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It may surprise you, but we know that:
100% of the admitted to the hospital for Covid-19 had vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.
Low vitamin D levels are associated with an increase in inflammatory cytokines.
High blood sugar may worsen your outcome when hospitalized.

3 Steps to Make your Immune System Strong Again

1. Know your Starting Point

Before you start, it is important to know where you are
with your levels of important nutrients, blood sugar status, and lipid numbers.

Western medical advice is way too conservative when recommending the dose for vitamin D for the average person.

There are several factors why so many people are vitamin D deficient. Many people think that they spend plenty of time outdoors and therefore are sufficient in vitamin D. Wearing sunscreen will limit or completely block out any vitamin D making UV rays. While many take vitamin D supplements, the recommended amounts may still not provide adequate level of vitamin D.

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2. Control of Your Blood Sugar

The next step to create and maintain a Strong Immune System
is getting your blood sugar under control.

Female Diabetic Doing a Glucose Level Finger Blood Test at Home . High Level of Blood Sugar

A little over 1 in 10 Americans have Type 2 Diabetes and 1 in 3 are pre-diabetic. Over a third of Americans have a higher risk for bad outcomes of viruses and other health conditions because of high blood sugar. You don’t have to be a full-blown diabetic to be at risk!

While you may have received one of the Covid-19 vaccines available, we are not sure if they will be effective against new variants of the virus and booster shots or newer vaccines may be necessary in the future. Normalizing blood sugar and having adequate vitamin D may just be your best bet against the current Covid strains and, perhaps, other viruses and diseases! 

With proper guidance, blood sugar is very easy to control. Why wouldn’t the average person want to learn how to ensure a strong immune system? 

3. Get Assistance to Achieve Results

Save time and get better results by following a personalized program for a healthier life.

As your coach, I accompany you in your journey starting from the lab tests to know where you are and helping you create a personalized program that adjusts to your conditions and allows you to Make Your Immune System Strong Again against COVID-19 and most other diseases or health conditions. 

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation!

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Test Your Immune System

Know where you are with your Immune System

Insulin Resistance

Check for prediabetes, diabetes, and insulin resistance.

Inflammation Report

Check you're level of inflammation.

Vitamin Status

Check the levels os some important nutrient for immune protection.

* Lab test done through LabCorp


Health Coaching

Create a path to a Strong Immune System.

Personalized Sessions

One-on-one health coaching sessions with Michelle Sala.

Comprehensive Program

Six (6) sessions of 30 minutes to create a path to a stronger immune system.

Results from your Home

Receive your health coaching from the comfort of your home through Zoom.

Supplement Your Diet

Get your Vitamins and Nutrients to optimal level.

Find Your Supplement Mix

Support your immune system, bone integrity and anti-aging process.

Strenthen your Immune System

Strengthen the body’s innate self-repair and self-heal system.

90-days to Start

Challenge yourself to make your immune system strong in 90 days.
It's time to take care of your health and Make your Immune System Strong Again.

Disclaimer: Please note that these recommendations are based on my personal opinions which have been formed by my own research and are not meant to be a diagnosis or a replacement for any current treatment you and your health care providers have deemed necessary. Any changes you make in your supplementation or diet are the sole responsibility of you and your health care providers, should you choose to follow these recommendations.
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